Do you have 15 minutes to share your expertise and insight with high school students?

To my professional colleagues and friends. We have a rare opportunity to provide our professional insight to shape the education of our children. Partnering with the Utah State Board of Education we have developed a tool to make professional contribution quick, and easy. We need as much participation as we can get to ensure your industries are well represented in the areas below. Just visit

Register, and rate the standards for any of the areas where you have expertise. I hear many professionals lament that they wish our schools taught more of what we need in industry, well, here’s your chance. This couldn’t be any easier for you to participate and lend your feedback . . . you will be heard!

Extreme Need:

Travel and tourism

Medical forensics

Medical anatomy and physiology



Agricultural Science I

Agricultural Science II


Natural Resource Science I

Natural Resource Science I – Semester

Natural Resource Science II

Business Law

Business Management

IB Business and Management SL 1

IB Business and Management SL 2

IB Business and Management HL 1

IB Business and Management HL 2


Sports & Outdoor Product Design

Sports & Outdoor Product Design II

Textile Design Entrepreneurship

Apparel Design & Production I

Apparel Design & Production II

Fashion Design Studio

Fashion Design Merchandising

Advanced Fashion Design Merchandising


Medical Forensics

Medical Anatomy & Physiology

Leadership Principles 1

Leadership Principles 2

Real Estate

Robotics 1

Robotics 2

CAD Architectural Design 1

CAD Architectural Design 2

CAD Architectural Design 3

Biomanufacturing 1

Materials Science

Medical Technology

Teaching as a Profession 3

Television Broadcasting 1

Television Broadcasting 2

Video Production 1

Video Production 2

Radio Broadcasting 1

Radio Broadcasting 2

Nondestructive Testing

Environmental Technician

Digital Graphic Arts Intro

Intermediate Graphic Communications

Advanced Production Graphics

Digital Print Design

Screen Printing Technology

Jewelry Fabrication

Bicycle Repair Training

Commercial & Advertising Art

Basic Film Photography

Basic Digital Photography

Advanced Commercial Photography

Design and Visual Communications

Industrial Design

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